When West Coast Fiya started, Christian Hip Hop was a very underground and untapped genre. However, there was an innocence about it. It seemed like a naïve, yet spiritually strong movement that we believed would get bigger, better and stronger. West Coast Fiya wanted to be a site that was part of the Christian Hip Hop movement and wanted to join the other great sites like Dasouth and Holy Culture. We wanted to be the voice of the West Coast for Christian Hip-hop, and by the grace of God…We were.

It’s now 2016. Six years later, and wow, has the genre changed. It has changed so much that we no longer want to be a part of it.  West Coast Fiya has shut down for good. We no longer feel we can defend the genre.  We have decided to pursue another area we are passionate about and have birthed a new site called the Barbell Battalion.  You can find the new health and fitness site by clicking HERE.

Program Director / Co-Owner
West Coast Fiya