In the U.S. state of Massachusetts, even a sign in a church that says, “This Bathroom is for Biological Women Only” could subject the pastor of that church to up to 30 days in jail. The warning came from the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) following the passage of a new anti-discrimination law that will take […]


SOURCE / CREDIT” CT NEWS / Christina Ong   NBA star Jeremy Lin, who is now with the Brooklyn Nets, is already proving to be the sweetest uncle for his newborn nephew, Jaden Peter Lin. On his Instagram account (@jlin7), the Christian athlete posted a slow-motion video featuring his latest hairstyle with the initials “JPL” shaved on […]


Source /Credit: CT News / Mark Woods A sequel to Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster movie The Passion of the Christ will feature Christ’s Resurrection and will be a huge undertaking, the actor says. The Passion of the Christ shocked Hollywood with its success as a religious film using the Aramaic language spoken by Jesus. While […]


Source / Credit : Christian Post / Christine Thomasos Manny Pacquiao admits he was wrong to compare gay people to animals, but stands by his biblical beliefs concerning homosexuality. When asked if he regretted his comments that landed him in hot water earlier this year, Pacquiao responded by saying he could have handled things differently. […]


Today, award-winning hip-hop artist Derek Minor debuted the video for his new single “Free” via his blog, www.derekminor.com/blog. The recent murders of several African-Americans by law enforcement including the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, struck a deep chord inside of Minor. This motivated him to write and produce “Free,” which addresses the violence […]

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Andre explains one of the crazy nights that ultimately led to his conversion and faith in Christ. Produced By: Jay Cardec Featuring: Lawren & Shiwan


Raised on the Eastside of Atlanta,Georgia; James Dollard grew up listening to Hip Hop arists such as Outkast, Ugk, Eightball and MjG just to name a few. Those groups along with the urban environment in which he lived in had a major influence on the music that he made himself. He was locally successful with […]


Source / Credit: Christian Today / Czarina Ong American comedian, TV host and producer Steve Harvey has really come a long way from his struggling days as a homeless person. That’s why he is beyond grateful every time God showers him with another blessing. When he was inducted into the 2016 Radio Hall of Fame […]


I Praise You All The Time - Official Music Video
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