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DHIX feat Dillon Chase – “Reprogrammed”


DHIX feat Dillon Chase – “Reprogrammed”

Dallas Hicks, once known as DHIX was born in Sacramento in 1980. Dallas was an only child who struggled with fitting in. His father was addicted to drugs and alcohol and beat his mother; he left when Dallas was 5 years old. Dallas’ mother raised him for the next 9 years. His mother dragged him to church, and Dallas attended a Lutheran school; Dallas knew that his life was missing something, but he never had a real encounter with Christ.

In Junior High Dallas started listening to Rap Music; he was still trying to fit in. When he was 14, he ran away to live with his dad. His dad abused him verbally, calling him a Wigger and telling him he would never be anything. Dallas started believing the lies and walking with his head down; life seemed hopeless.



Dallas left his Dad’s house but refused to go back to his mother’s; he wanted to prove he could make it on his own, so he chose to live in his car. After a few months, he called his mother from a payphone, begging to come home. He lived with her until he was 20.

Dallas kept trying to fit in. He was dressing like a gangster, smoking weed and sleeping around. He started making his own rap music, and he was discovered by a guy that promised him a ticket to fame. Dallas joined the group Platinum. Before long, he was sharing a house with his bandmates. His band was getting popular; Dallas had the money, the women and the lifestyle he wanted. Then, after a couple of years, it all fell apart.

Dallas was staying at his aunt’s house when the police called. One of his friends had been murdered, and he was wanted for questioning; it turned out that one of his bandmates had killed her. Dallas was caught in the middle of a murder trial. His friend had been 8 months pregnant; that made the trial even more traumatic. Dallas’ personal life was no better; his aunt and uncle kicked him out of their home. Dallas was searching for a light during this dark time; he met a woman and married her. His heart was broken just 6 months later when he found that she was cheating on him. He was so lonely that he stayed with her for two more years, knowing she was cheating on him every day.

Dallas was filled with shame and guilt. He felt like he wasn’t good enough for anyone to love. He went back to live with his mom again. While he was attending church with his mother, God finally got through to him. He began to realize that he was living a lie from satan and that God had a better plan for his life. He started reading God’s word and developing a relationship with Jesus. With the help of his pastor, Dallas finally learned what living for God really meant.

With the Lord’s help, Dallas walked away from his addictions to alcohol, drugs and pornography. With these out of the way, he was free to develop real relationships. In 2007, he met Amy Marilyn Rodriguez. With his history, Dallas was afraid to get serious, but God had other plans. He and Amy both trusted God’s timing and got married in 2009.

Dallas is now on fire for God. He is reaching out to men who need to hear the message of the cross. He doesn’t want anyone else following his path that leads to death and destruction. Today, Dallas still writes music to encourage the non-believers that they can make a difference in the world. Just like Dallas, they can be adopted and accepted by Jesus Christ. Now Dallas knows he will never be rejected again.

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Dallas Hicks, once known as DHIX was born in Sacramento in 1980. Dallas was an only child who strugg


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