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Adele upsets fans after posting Instagram ‘worshipping’ photo captioned ‘Thank God for Beyoncé X’


Adele upsets fans after posting Instagram ‘worshipping’ photo captioned ‘Thank God for Beyoncé X’

Source / Credit: Christisan Today / Czarina Ong

A lot of people have been raving about Beyoncé’s latest release “Lemonade,” praising the artist for her talent and creativity.

However, when fellow singer Adele joined the bandwagon, fans got upset because she was seen as already worshipping Beyoncé more than God.

On her Instagram account (@adele), the “Hello” songstress posted a black and white photo showing herself hugging a cardboard cutout of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” single. She captioned it, “I’m not late on this; I’ve just been speechless. Beyonce is the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of worshipping. Her talent, beauty, grace and work ethic are all in a league of their own. I appreciate you so much! Thank god for Beyoncé X.”

Adele’s fans were irked because of the way she used a lowercase on the first letter of God while spelling Beyoncé with a capital “B.”

“Lower-cased g, upper-cased B? Only God is to be worshipped, artists are to be admired,” someone reminded her.

Another asked: “She’s now saying that Beyoncé is a god. Can [she] worship people and things and not hold them to the level of God? Do you know what worship means?”

Another fan commented that while she also admires Beyoncé’s beauty and talent, Adele should not get anything “twisted” because “God is God and she is not.”

Artist worshipping is exactly what Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is afraid of. The devoted Christian earlier said that it is wrong for fans to idolise him, because the only One who deserves that kind of reverence and adulation is God.

“I would really suggest to people, ‘Don’t put your faith in me.’ Because I’m gonna disappoint you every time,” he told the Mirror. “Yeah. It’s scary. But I want them to know that I’m not going to be able to solve their problems… I’m not that higher power.”

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