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Comedienne Sarah Silverman Says Jesus Is Fiction

Sarah Silverman Promo Photo

Comedienne Sarah Silverman Says Jesus Is Fiction

SOURCE: Newsbusters

Comedian Sarah Silverman just can’t pass up on an opportunity to insult Christians.

For the May 2016 issue of Vanity Fair, Silverman answered a questionnaire from the magazine while “in the bath, sitting Indian-style, typing this on my phone.”

When VF prompted Silverman with the question “Who is your favorite hero of fiction?” she couldn’t resist making a jab at Christians.

“Jesus?” she responded. (That’s something historians would disagree with, never mind Christians, Ms. Silverman.)

Silverman brought up religion a second time when answering VF‘s question about “the trait you most deplore in others.”

“People who use their religion as a shroud to justify hatred and bigotry,” Silverman answered.

Among other things in the piece, Silverman heralded big name abortion supporters like Lena Dunham and Lizz Winstead as role models and announced “becoming senile” as one of her greatest fears.

Also, as one of her fears, Silverman listed “not being funny anymore.”

She may have already reached that one.

In the past, Silverman has poked fun at Christians at every turn, from her SNL “Jesus was a woman” song to hanging out with “Jesus (expletive) Christ” in an abortion PSA. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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