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‘The Conjuring 2’: Film promotes Christian message of good conquering evil


‘The Conjuring 2’: Film promotes Christian message of good conquering evil

Source / Credit: Christian today / Czarina Ong

People rarely associate Christianity with horror movies, but Chad and Carey Hayes, the Christian screenwriters behind “The Conjuring 2,” say the film actually tackles spiritual warfare, prayer, and faith in God.

The screenwriters want audiences to realise that evil exists in the form of demons. But no matter how terrifying they can get, God will always triumph over them.

“We love doing true stories of where good conquers evil,” the Hayes brothers tell The Christian Post. “‘Conjuring 2’ is a story told through the eyes of believers, whose strongest weapon is their faith in God. Our film allows believers and non-believers to travel their journey with them, and in some ways, maybe affect someone who is on the edge of faith, and somehow give them the strength they need.”

The horror film, which is directed by James Wan, teaches audiences to have faith in God because He is the ultimate winner. The Hayes explain that the main characters of “The Conjuring 2,” Lorraine and Ed Warren (who are played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson), managed to banish evil and save their family because of their strong faith in God.

“What the Warrens had was a beautiful, loving and committed relationship with each other, as well as God. In this film, you get to dig much deeper into who they really are,” the Hayes say.

The Warren couple strongly believe that the symbol of the cross has the power to make demons flee. And while this is true, the Hayes say the symbol holds no power unless the person who wields it has a deep-rooted faith in God.

“For us, other than one’s own faith in Jesus, the symbol of the cross radiates that faith for those who hold it, hang it, and even tattoo it! Some may have a Bible in their home and think they’re protected, but without studying it, and believing, it’s like just any other book. Same with the cross. One must believe in what it represents,” they say.

“The Conjuring 2” opened in U.S. cinemas on Friday, June 10.

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