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Erick Dayz – “Boxes & Bags” Feat. Bruce B.


Erick Dayz – “Boxes & Bags” Feat. Bruce B.

Southwest Florida native Erick Dayz knows a thing or two about being an underdog. As a child of an immigrant father and mother, he learned the value of hard work at an early age. Nothing is ever given to you. An upbringing centered around God, church vans, and 4 hour services sheltered the mind of a Haitian-American kid from some of the harsh realities that waited outside of his doorstep….at first. Eventually his life would start its course leading to fast maturity. Mistakes and setbacks would not overcome the aspiring rapper.

Hip Hop music always came naturally. What started out as a just a hobby and personal therapy soon developed into a powerful tool to captivate the minds of those who listened. Erick collaborated with childhood friend DJ Stackman to release his first solo project “The Wun Take” and the rest was history. The rebellious lifestyles projected around his area and Hip Hop culture influenced not only his song writing, but also his own image. losing his mother to lung cancer at the age of 18 added on to the confusion. A young man must now press through the painful past and bear responsibility for his future decisions. The faith instilled in him as a child would now be the source of his strength as a young adult dealing with adversity.

His renewed trust in Jesus Christ didn’t only save his life, it gave new perspective on how his music would be used to save the lives of others. Erick has been able to build relationships that extend far beyond music with experienced manager Javon Legons (C Anthony Ent.) as well as STRGHT & NRRW CEO Jay Harris. He’s been featured on songs by respected artists such as Juan Love, C-Straight, MC Jin, A-Flo, Uncle Reece, Eddie Nigma, and many others.His pursuit of excellence is far from being over. As Erick Dayz continues to build a solid platform, he proves that your circumstances are never greater than God’s purpose for your life. Everyone loves to see an underdog rise. The story is still being written. Experience the evolution of Erick Dayz while his voice helps you defeat the odds.

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