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Does Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video Cross the Line With Christians?


Does Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video Cross the Line With Christians?

SOURCE / CREDIT: Christian Post / Christine Thomasos

Kanye West is thanking God for the release of his controversial “Famous” music video, but is the rapper who is a self-professed Christian crossing the line by claiming that God helped him create his latest album?

“The ongoing argument musically and lyrically (for Christians) is, ‘what is considered ungodly or unrighteous as it pertains to music, videos and other content platforms,” David L. Moody, Ph.D, the author of  Political Melodies in the Pews?: The Voice of the Black Christian Rapper in the Twenty-first-Century Church  told The Christian Post. “I really don’t think Kanye had any intentions of spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ when he produced ‘Famous.'”

In West’s music video, life-like wax figures bearing an uncanny likeness to some of the most recognized faces in popular culture are laying naked with one another in a huge bed. His wife, Kim Kardashian, her singer ex-boyfriend Ray-J, former President George Bush, presidential hopeful Donald Trump, singer Taylor Swift, West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby all have wax figures sprawled across the sheets in the visuals for “Famous.”

In an interview with Big Boy Radio earlier this year, West described The Life Of Pablo album that features “Famous” as “a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing on it. … I’m only doing 1 percent, 2 percent of the work and God is doing the rest of the work.”

The release of West’s latest visuals that accompany his album might lead people to question whether his artistic expression falls in line with his self-professed Christian values.

Moody, a professor at SUNY Oswego, said “The bigger question is what Kanye West perceives his relationship with the Lord to be. How genuine is his walk with Jesus Christ?”
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