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When MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard talks about Welcome To The New, it’s with the passion of an artist rejuvenated and reborn.  He’s proud of the lively, spirited rock vibe that drives many of the tracks, but when he talks about the overarching theme of the album Bart gets especially fervent.  Here’s why: Welcome To The New is the fruit of his real-life embrace of grace.  It all adds up to a musical, lyrical, and spiritual turning point – that most rare of trifectas – for a beloved group like MercyMe with four gold albums and a platinum disc to their credit.


You can especially hear Bart’s conviction in the album closer “Dear Younger Me,” a song he considers the album’s most personally meaningful.  Built around an organic, slapped percussion loop and plaintive swells of electric guitar, the song is framed “like a letter to my younger self.  I was physically abused as a kid and I’ve had a chance to play this song for people who’ve been through similar things.  This is the one song I hope brings a lot of healing to people.”  Wrestling with how to encourage and bolster his younger self, Millard lands on this refrain:


You are holy
You are righteous

You are one of the redeemed

Set apart

A brand new heart

You are free indeed

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