PyRexx Open IT Ft T Burton


PyRexx Open IT Ft T Burton

It’s hard to find a comparison in the music industry to match the raw and limitless talent of Houston rapper PyRexx.
Born on November, 4th 1985, Joseph McSweeney was raised in the rugged north side of Houston, Texas where he got caught up in the negative aspects of the streets at a very young age. From fast money & females to being initiated into a street gang at age 16, PyRexx was desperately in need of a positive alternative in his life. Due to his love for music, he began to express his musical talent through street cyphers and freestyles. Enjoying the attention he drew, music quickly became a top priority.

Presently, PyRexx is making street music to inspire listeners to “follow him as he follows Christ.” He is using his platform and testimony to lead his fans, especially the youth, away from the negativity of the streets and towards spiritual transformation. In January Of 2014 PyRexx signed a record deal with Rapture Recordz out of Houston Texas, to release his upcoming album entitled, “Born Again Disciple,” which is a reflection of the pain in his past, his present conversion and his future life as a believer. His appearance, sound, and rawness remains consistent with the PyRexx that fans have grown to love, but now he is equipped with the Spirit of God. PyRexx is wiser, highly motivated, and resilient in the pursuit of reaching his dream to touch the world with his music. Watch and listen as he disciples the streets and inspires both young and old with positive life-changing music.

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