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Rapper Snoop Dogg says religion changed his ‘gangsta’ lifestyle and now he’d ‘rather have Jesus than silver and gold’


Rapper Snoop Dogg says religion changed his ‘gangsta’ lifestyle and now he’d ‘rather have Jesus than silver and gold’

SOURCE / CREDIT:  Christian Today / Czarina Ong

Rapper Snoop Dogg spent his Sunday singing songs to glorify God. He even shared a video featuring him singing along to the Gospel song, “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

“I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold,” Snoop repeatedly sang on the video which he posted on his Instagram account (@snoopdogg). “Silver [and] gold. @dashradio Cadillac music Sunday gospel mix,” he captioned the video.

His fans were thrilled to see him profess his faith in God. “With the platform you have, imagine how many people you will reach with the gospel message of Salvation! Come on now! Give our heavenly Father glory through your rap skills Snoop!” a fan wrote.

Another commented, “Right on Snoop!! I start every day off with Jesus. Now I got you on my prayer list. God bless brother!”

Snoop earlier said that his life was changed for the better because of religion. “I used to answer hate with hate. Like if you hate me, I hate you more. But now I answer hate with love,” he told The Guardian.

Silver n gold. @dashradio Cadillac music Sunday gospel mix

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Snoop even said that religion changed the way he thinks of women. Before, he would have no trouble disrespecting women in his songs.

“Because I was making music for me, speaking from my perspective,” he explained. “I was taught that a [expletive] is a [expletive] and a [expletive] was a [expletive], so my music represented that, until I got to the point where I wanted to show love and appreciation for the woman.”

Snoop also used to be heavily involved in the gangster lifestyle. He was even charged with accessory to murder, but he was fortunately acquitted.

After that, Snoop made the song “No Guns Allowed,” which he sang together with his daughter Cori B.

“We keep hearing about schools getting shot up, venues being shot up, public places being shot up, and we have to address that. Who better to do it than me because I come from the gangsta lifestyle, carrying a gun every day of the week lifestyle?” he said.

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  • Sarah

    A transformed life – that’s the power of Jesus! This testimony warms my heart, especially because I’m a woman who’s sick of hearing misogyny in rap music. You can make great rap music that professes love and makes the world a better place. Check out Lecrae’s work – that will remove all doubt.

  • nat

    “earthly” music is not from God.Jesus tells us not to love the world nor the things in this world.Have you every heard the words in Snoops songs?All those unappropriate words?Such words should my children listen and get soiled .Such words hurt the innocent soul of children.Also music videos .Jesus tells when your eyes are clean your whole body will be clean.Have you ever noticed why the dirty songs are staying in your head and “hoover” there and they dont want to go away?That is with purpose so!Evil spirits enter in you inside when you listen garbage like that and make you dirty as well.Afterwards you start to have different desires-which hurt your soul.Stop listening to such music from radio .stop looking movies and stop looking tv-they hurt your soul!May Jesus bless you all!

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