Yung Saintz – “SO HELP ME”


Yung Saintz – “SO HELP ME”

24-year-old rappers Geoffrey and Kadin are genuine artists influencing a generation through positive

music. The group released a series of projects that featured artists such as London’s Double S, Revived,

and Sarah G. This dedication put them on stages with Mali Music, Da Truth, Sean Simmonds, and Rita

Marley to name a few.



Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, both Geoffrey and Kadin are sons of Caribbean parents. They grew up

in the city’s east end and have been lifelong friends after meeting at church. The moniker “Yung Saintz”

was given after a friend commented on their ability to make positive music that sounded amazing.

In their early years the Yung Saintz were the first to influence with the “come as you” are movement.

This encouraged many young people to strive for the best in every situation regardless of what they

have been through or where they are at in life.

Sadly, 2014 was a tragic year for the group as both members experienced loss as Geoffree and Kadin

had close family members pass away. Many describe this to be the reason for the new modern sound

that the group has created.

When asked how they wanted their music to be remembered, Geoff and Kadin had this to say: “We

want to be known as 2 guys from Toronto, Canada, that made a difference through music with a positive

message. We are proud to do everything we do ground up with the help of supportive fans that relate to

our story. We do this to inspire a generation”

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